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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Day in the Life . . .

I am realizing lately how many of you don't know much about what my life is like. I get the question "How do you do it?" a lot. So I thought I'd tell you.
As most of you know, Rod graduated in May with his Assoc Deg in Industrial Technology. The last few months exploring job options was a little scary. Usually starting positions in that field are not great pay and involve working nights and/or weekends. One day when Rod was in a teacher's office a guy from ADM called to ask if he could recommend any students for a position they were trying to fill. Rod's professor put him on the phone that second - guess it pays to be a teacher's pet!! Anyway, one interview and a few agonizingly nerve racking weeks later Rod found out he had gotten the job. He is actually a "Process Control Systems Specialist", which is not an entry level position. They recognized his past experience in the Air Force and as a civilian working on Offutt and said they were willing to train him. So, he ended up with a Mon thru Fri, 8 to 5 job that pays pretty darn well. He is under a lot of pressure because usually before you're in his position you've put in some time with the company and know the process/computer systems. But I know he's doing a great job!! Best of all, we get to ride to and from work together most days.
So, inquiring minds, a typical day for us goes like this.
5:15 - Rod's up and, in theory, so am I.
5:45 - I'm finally up b/c Rod sounds panicked about getting to work on time.
6:20 - wake the kids up if they're not up already (how do you people get your kids to sleep past 6:30?)
6:45 - out the door, hopefully with no more than 2 of us in tears
6:50 - begin morning prayers, breakfast and entertainment in the van. Most mornings this now involves me embarrassing Loren horribly by loudly singing some 80's song into a Happy Meal toy that looks like a microphone.
7:20 - drop Loren, Paige & Brooke off at Father Price
7:30 - drop Evan off across town at Taylor Tots (don't ya love the name!!)
7:45 - Rod drops me off at work
. . .fast forward . . .
5:45 Rod and the kids pick me up from work
5:50 - 6:20 - see 6:50 a.m. but sub snack for breakfast and me entertaining for 5 people simultaneously demanding my attention - LOUDLY
6:45 'ish - eat something hopefully involving more than 2 food groups
and the rest of the evening most of you can imagine - just take your kids x 4, 2, 1.5 or whatever the appropriate multiplier is.
Friday is, of course, different because I don't work. So now Evan goes to his new daycare, the girls all go to "school" and I get groceries, clean, do laundry and bills - all that fun mommy stuff. We're hanging in there. Some days I curse that drive, some days I love the chance to have the kids undivided attention. Any chance we get to be outside I am so grateful for the quiet and privacy I swear to never complain about the commute again. Then Evan gets buckled into his car seat!! We are all works in progress, right? I just thank God for giving me another chance to get it right tomorrow!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm back after almost a month without internet! What a big month August has been! We spent the first weekend at my folks' for the Wheeler Co. Fair and the kids had a blast with their cousins, as always. My aunt & uncle from AZ, and cousin & family from San Fran came to visit so that was really cool. I'm embarassed to say I don't even have a picture from that. The next weekend we were off to Coco Key in Omaha -- as you'll see the kids and grown ups had a blast! Then it was time for school. Loren started 2nd grade at St. Isidores - I'd love to have a picture of it but I wasn't allowed to bring the camera. She's too cool!! I do have one on my cell phone which I'll have to learn how to download. Paige started her 2nd year of pre-K at Father Price and Brooke started her 1st year of pre-K at Father Price, which is the daycare assocaited with St. Isidores. It's so nice to drop off all 3 girls at the same place. Finally, on Thurs. Evan started a new daycare. We are VERY excited about that!! Here are some pics!!

Our trip to CocoKey in Omaha. Everybody loved it!!
Brooker turns 3!!
Papa Hall helping Evan "ride his bike" without his feet
touching the grass too much.

Loren figured out how to ride without training wheels!! This is more impressive when you remember our yard is the flattest spot she gets to practice.

Brooke's 1st day of Pre-school.

Paige's 1st day back at preschool with Ms. Carmen, who also teaches Brooke.