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Saturday, October 10, 2009

OK, OK, finally I am posting some pictures of the house now that it is basically finished. Notice the snow - crazy for Oct. 10th, huh? We ended up with about 5 inches here. Anyway, here it is! It is very lived in already so please ignore the dust and "stuff!"

Half of "Rod's garage" - the door into the house.

The mudroom! It came in handy today getting ready to go out and play in the snow.

My very used laundry room. Notice the missing cabinet doors - the final piece we're waiting on!!

My pantry! Love this thing! You would think I cook, huh?

The view from the back, from a distance. It's best that way. :)

Half of the half bathroom.

Rod's "locker"

The kids' lockers. My favorite part of the whole thing!!

The bench - notice the 2 doors that open up for storage!!

Just because they're cute.

We decided the girls would get more use out of their Christmas presents if they got them this fall. Loren is still getting used to a bike that is actually her size.

Loren at her soccer game.