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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick Pics!

I keep getting a hard time for not updating for a while so thought I would quick post a few pictures of the kids modeling Dad's ADM hard hat. For the first 3 months you work there you have to wear a blue hat so everyone know's you're new. On Aug 19th Dad got his white hard hat - yea Daddy!!! - and everyone is sure having fun with his old one.

I'm too tough for a hard hat!!
Where was that smile on family picture day?
Brooke proving it's not what you wear,
it's the attitude you have while wearing it that matters!!
Yes, that's her swimming suit.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A new "Mom" Do!

I post this only because most of you know how much a security blanket my long hair has always been. I am either really growing up or desperate to do anything that means I don't have to get up any earlier in the morning! Anyway, it took me 2 appointments over 2 weeks to get it done (mostly b/c my hair dresser was afraid to take more than 2 inches at a time - I'll save the story about wanting to change my "do" while 8 mos. pregnant with Evan for another day) but I am offically about 5 inches shorter and 3 pounds lighter after she thinned the bejeebies out of it. I'll give you a before/after shot. My "in-between" do was modeled in Brooke's b-day picture.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just one year . . .

A quick look at how much we've changed in just one year. Doesn't time fly!!




Labor Day 08

Every Labor Day the girls get to ride in the Schuyler parade with Rod's brother Ryan and his wife Elizabeth in a cart pulled by her Percheron Kahlua. This year I decided to keep Evan & Brooke home to nap since the parade was at 2:00 and we were all supposed to head over to Ryan's for supper afterward. Of course, because I would have had the house to myself while the little 2 slept neither of them napped longer than 45 minutes!! Here are some pictures of my little "parade pros." The shades were all their idea.

Everyone was pretty worn out from the day and slept like champs that night. Aww, aren't they angels!!