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Monday, July 28, 2008

Children are truly a gift from God

During our nightly prayers the girls always say what they're grateful for that day. Usually there's a lot of "I got to play with friends" or "I went to Grandma's" or "We ate at McDonald's" (probably get to say that one too often!). Then the other night Paige blew Rod and I away when she said "I pray for all the people who don't have homes and have to live in boxes that they can find a house to buy, and for all the mommies and daddies that they don't get lost for their kids."

Not to be out done, a few days later Brooke looked at me and said "Mommy, what color are your eyes?" "Blue." "What color are my eyes?" "Brown." "Why?" "Because, that's the way God made us." "Oh . . . . good job God!!"

And finally, Loren, our little saint in training. I found her alone in her room the other day, just sitting on her bed. I asked her if she was OK and she said yes. So I said, "Did you just need a little break from your sisters and your brother?" She said, "No. I just needed to be alone with God for a while. We needed to talk."

I guess we're doing something right.

Just because it's cute!

Did you know that "QRN" are the most powerful letters in the alphabet? Apparently they can represent any word in our spoken language. Let me explain. Back before Loren could read and spell everything, Rod and I would spell all the good words - you know, like our parents used to and we swore we'd never do. Well, Loren quickly picked up on that and has taken to spelling things she doesn't want her sisters to know. Like, "Can I stay at g-r-a-n-d-m-a's?" or "Can I play c-o-m-p-u-t-e-r?" Paige, not wanting to be out done, has taken to spelling things as well. However, since her phonics is a little more limited she has designated "Q-R-N" to be universal for all wants. Like, "Can I have a q-r-n?" (a.k.a. treat) or "Can we go q-r-n?" (aka outside) or "Can I stay at q-r-n's?" (aka grandma's - see a pattern?) Amazingly enough, we always know what she means!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our future gymnast, Paige (4).
We take corn on the cob very seriously at our house!!

The girls at Relay for Life - I have a co-wrkr who's daughter was diagnosed w/cancer at 7 mos old. At 2 years she's doing great!!
Our favorite holiday, the 4th of July!!

Brooke - almost 3!

Some Recent Pics

Loren (7) & I at her 1st grade field day in May.

Rod and some good friends at the party to celebrate his Assoc. Degree in Industrial Technology from Central Community College this May. By the way, he had a 4.0 and was Ind Tech Exceptional Student of the year!!
Evan (11 mos then) & I celebrating at Rod's party because we survived all those single parent nights while Dad was at night class!!
Loren being Loren - all smiles, almost always!
Paige (4) during her riding lessons with Aunt Elizabeth (Rod's brother Ryan's wife) - she gets as excited about feeding "Pork Chop" as riding him!


Hello friends! I have finally decided to join the modern world and create a blog. I am not pretending I will have anything earth shatteringly interesting to say, but I know how much I enjoy getting updates from all of you and thought this would be an easier way for all of us to share. I'm not sure how often I'll get to update but we'll try it. As I write this the kids are enjoying some much needed down time after attending a wedding in Lincoln yesterday. They were angels and we were so proud of them. Hard to believe how big everyone is getting! I will post pics from the wedding when I get them from Rod's aunt.