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Saturday, March 28, 2009

More pictures!!

Posing with their Valentine's Day loot

Brooke helping me make sugar cookies - I think
the hat works, don't you?

I strongly dislike the cold, so on my watch
the snow comes inside to play!

My little man - all ready to play in the snow
or stalk prey!

They were having fun - really!

Brooke, my independent dresser. We had to be all
pink for the preschool Valentine's Day party.

Paige still lets me dress her!

Loren working on her First Communion Banner

The finished project

The day after Evan fell face first onto our concrete
porch steps - it's puffier than it looks. It was kinda
tough to suck on his binky for a day or two, but
he managed to work through it!

First Holy Communion

Loren made her First Holy Communion on March 22nd. It was an incredible day and she was so excited about being able to finally accept Communion. We were able to celebrate with family afterward and she was especially excited b/c her cousins came! Of course, my mom has those pictures so will have to post those another time!

Loren and her good friend Bailey.

Renewing Baptismal vows

Catching up!!

Wow, I am really behind on pictures b/c we couldn't find the cord to download from the camera for a while. Anyway, here we go . . . the last 3 months in a nutshell!

Loren the night of her First Reconciliation. It was a beautiful ceremony
and she was not the least bit nervous. I love how comfortable she is with Fr. Joe
because he's in the classroom every week!

Loren's 8th birthday - celebrated at Grandma Hall's

Evan & Great Papa - every day they get with him is precious!

Loren celebrated her 8th birthday along with a classmate and
son's friend at a water park in town. Almost their whole class was there and loved swimming in Jan.
Even Paige & Brooke got to come!

Paige with her My Twinn doll and new accessories from Gma Hoelscher.

I think the picture says it all.

Paige is 5!!

Hanging out at Grandma Hall's

Paige and cousin Dane

Valentine's Day celebration b/c the girls couldn't wait to give Daddy

his presents. Love is . . . . Husker gear!

The girls thought Evan absolutely had to have this

Husker blanket. As much as he looks like he loves it here,

he has refused to touch it ever since.