disney countdown

Friday, December 5, 2008

Some pictures from our tree decorating night!!
For some reason on this day Evan figured out to say "cheeeeese" every time he saw a camera. No more cute little smiles!

Really a peaceful picture considering at this point we were
an hour and a half past bedtime!

Those of you who know about Paige & Brooke's
love/fight relationship will appreciate the Christmas magic
this picture involves!!

Well, we are getting ready to go to Disney! We fly out Sun. morning and are very excited! For those who don't know, Rod's parents are taking the girls to Disney World next week and Rod and
I are allowed to come along. :) Evan will be spending the week with my mom and my sister - she has 3 boys so I'm sure Evan will enjoy having some "guy time" for a change. I'll flood you all with Disney pics when we get home!!


The Hudcaps said...

Good pics. I look forward to seeing pics from Disney.

Rachelle said...

Great pics! Looks like they had fun decorating the tree! We are going to attempt to put ours up tonight ~ and see how long it takes Joey to knock it over! :o) I bet you are all so excited about your trip ~ have a safe one and I look forward to all the details!