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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Catching up!!

Wow, I am really behind on pictures b/c we couldn't find the cord to download from the camera for a while. Anyway, here we go . . . the last 3 months in a nutshell!

Loren the night of her First Reconciliation. It was a beautiful ceremony
and she was not the least bit nervous. I love how comfortable she is with Fr. Joe
because he's in the classroom every week!

Loren's 8th birthday - celebrated at Grandma Hall's

Evan & Great Papa - every day they get with him is precious!

Loren celebrated her 8th birthday along with a classmate and
son's friend at a water park in town. Almost their whole class was there and loved swimming in Jan.
Even Paige & Brooke got to come!

Paige with her My Twinn doll and new accessories from Gma Hoelscher.

I think the picture says it all.

Paige is 5!!

Hanging out at Grandma Hall's

Paige and cousin Dane

Valentine's Day celebration b/c the girls couldn't wait to give Daddy

his presents. Love is . . . . Husker gear!

The girls thought Evan absolutely had to have this

Husker blanket. As much as he looks like he loves it here,

he has refused to touch it ever since.


The Preister's said...

cute pictures...I think I even saw some John Deere in there :-)

Rachelle said...

Happy belated birthday to Loren and Paige!

The Hudcaps said...

Great pics!! i of course like the umbrellas and the girl in the mirror!!

Natalie said...

How did I miss this post?? Oh yeah...I've really been stinking at blogging!! :) Love the pictures...your kiddos are adoreable!! Not sure why I'm partial to Paige...um...maybe because she's goofy like me?? Nah!