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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rod's birthday and his gifts from his kiddos - notice the
Husker theme again!

Getting ready to move the car port (see next post). After getting it relocated
the guys were going to anchor it down but the tractor they needed
had a dead battery. In the 3 days until Rod's dad could
get a new battery we had a huge wind storm and the shed
ended up on its top on top of Rocky's kennel. He wasn't hurt.
The guys managed to flip it over a few days later, as you'll see.

Good as new - almost!A few holes in the top and some major damage to
Rocky's kennel but they managed to save it.


Amy said...

Oh Cris!
This makes me really miss you and learning about all kinds of new things! I'm glad to see that this project is underway. We recently moved into a rental house, but already it seems like the work is never done!
Miss you!

Rachelle said...

Wow - you guys have taken on a really big project! Hope it all goes well for you - glad to hear Rocky wasn't hurt in the wind storm accident!