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Friday, January 8, 2010

On the 23rd Uncle Ryan & Aunt Elizabeth brought their presents over. This is always very exciting for the kids!! You'll see why in a second!

Brooke with her new Karaoke machine.

Paige with her DS

Evan with his combine - he immediately noticed "it has a combine head and auger!"

Loren got an iPod nano - which Mom borrows regularly since I don't have an iPod!

The future looks a little scary - notice the song?

Evan with his ornament for the year.

All of the girls had made us ornaments at school. We were so proud because they were all so excited to give them to us they forgot to even ask for their presents until after we ate. Here are the 2 Loren made us.

Brooke with hers - which was a "victim" of her little brother running laps around the tree for the last few weeks.

Paige with hers. Just loved them all this year!!

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