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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Pics!!

After a trip to Vala's with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Elizabeth - sugar induced smiles!!

A smile that can truly light up a room!!

Mom's attempt at a Halloween "craft" - edible Frankensteins.

Carving pumpkins - the verdict was "it's gross."

So of course Evan loved it!!
Halloween Night

Hannah #1 - with a wig that didn't fare the school Halloween party so well.

Hannah #2 proving roots can look fabulous!

This was our final costume decision after being Hannah #3 suddenly didn't seem like such a good idea!

One week or one more cracker and this one wasn't going to fit - he had quite a diaper "wedgie" by the end of the night.


The Hudcaps said...

Love the pictures. I'm impressed your girls dug into the pumpkins. Ours would not touch it. Love the Hannahs and animals!!

Kelsey said...

haha Cris they are so cute.. Evan is getting so big.. I love seeing pictures of them since i don't get to see them anymore.. Take care..

Natalie said...

Too cute! I remember thinking the pumpkin guts were "gross" too...oh wait...I still do! Cute pics!

Rachelle said...

Great pictures! All the costumes are great. I'm with your girls and Natalie on this one ~ pumpkin guts are gross! :o) Oh ~ and I love your header picture too. Gorgeous family!