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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Some common "Brookeisms"

yesterday after later - any time in the future.
ex: "Papa, are you going with me in an airplane to Disney yesterday after later?"

yesternight - also some time in the future, but much more urgent than above.
ex: "I want to come to your house yesternight to have ice cream."

hake - to strongly dislike, hate
ex: "I hake lady bugs. Do you hake lady bugs, mommy?"

quit - to be done dealing with something, even if it remains present
ex: While standing on our porch looking at the side of the house COVERED with Chinese Lady Beetles, "I quit bugs." Immediately followed by a look of disgust while walking back into the house.


Amy said...

Oh Cris! This reminds me of my time in Columbus! I so miss this! Although when I was there, they were 'Paige-isms.'


Mesha said...

Love your new family picture! Also love the brooke-ipedia. Happy Birthday Cris! We hope it was a GREAT day! -Mesha, Abel, and Brodie