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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Progress on the garage

We've made some pretty good progress on the garage and house addition since my last post. It's so fun to see it coming together!! We have been wishing we could park in there during those few rare rains lately!

The girls standing "in" the bathroom - or is that the pantry? - a few weeks ago.

How it looks today

This is standing in the kitchen doorway looking out into the mudroom. The framed in area on the right is the closet. On the left wall will be lockers for the kids, and under the window will be a long bench they can sit on to get ready.


The Preister's said...

how exciting!!! it will be done before you know it :)

Kelsey said...

Looks Great!!

Rachelle said...

Glad your project is almost finished! Looks like it will be awesome! Sounds like your summer is flying by - can't believe Evan is two now! Love all the pictures!

PJ said...

Had a tough time finding your blog. I thought it was Busy Butt Blessed ... oops. Great conversation with Rod tonight. Looking forward to seeing you all, hopefully soon.