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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh my goodness - a month and a half have flown by since I last posted! Whenever I feel like days are crawling I need to look at this and realize how quickly it's all really going. We are doing well here. Settling into the routine of 2 in school now, making much progress on the addition and overall counting our many many blessings as we add new loved ones to our prayer list almost daily. We are finally officially activity parents as Loren started soccer a few weeks ago - pictures of her 1st game to come in a week or so. Rod is putting in lots of overtime at ADM and I am getting more single mom time, which isn't so bad except when I'm trying to get us all out the door by 7:00 - alone! Thank goodness we have such great kids! I guess pictures say it best so I'll just cut to the chase!

How it looks from the oustside. Not much has changed out here since then, except we have gutters now. Most of the progress lately is in the addition which has been painted and will start being finished next week. Flooring to be installed 9/17!

Taking a ride with Uncle Ryan.

"Helping" dad mow.

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