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Sunday, September 6, 2009

After over 10 years of living just a few miles from my parents, my sister, her husband and 3 boys moved out to near North Platte. Exciting for them, sad for the girls. We ventured out to see them one weekend. My Aunt & Uncle from Scottsdale, AZ were at my grandparents house not far away and happened to be watching my cousin's 3 kids. All the kids had fun playing with their cousins from San Fransisco. Of course, I'm realizing now we never lined all the kids up for a nice picture!!

Evan of course loved the Gator the most!

The boys on the end are my 2 youngest nephews. Dane is 5 weeks
older than Paige, and Cauy is 5 weeks older than Loren.

My oldest nephew Cade helping Evan "drive."


Rachelle said...

You have gorgeous kiddos Cris! There is no way Brooke should be 4 already! SOunds like you guys are busy - good luck with soccer games! This is just the beginning!

The Hudcaps said...

Looks like fun!