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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some Recent Pics

Loren (7) & I at her 1st grade field day in May.

Rod and some good friends at the party to celebrate his Assoc. Degree in Industrial Technology from Central Community College this May. By the way, he had a 4.0 and was Ind Tech Exceptional Student of the year!!
Evan (11 mos then) & I celebrating at Rod's party because we survived all those single parent nights while Dad was at night class!!
Loren being Loren - all smiles, almost always!
Paige (4) during her riding lessons with Aunt Elizabeth (Rod's brother Ryan's wife) - she gets as excited about feeding "Pork Chop" as riding him!


Anonymous said...

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Tara said...


Great idea to blog...maybe I should too! Time goes too fast...your kids are GORGEOUS!! And you look absolutely great too. Hugs to everyone and we need to get together soon!!!

Love ya - Tara